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You Asked About: How Can I Trust My Partner

Maria asks…

How can I trust my partner?

My partner has given me reason in the past to think that he’s not being totally honest with me, and even though I love him, and he loves me, I am constantly worried that he is doing something he isn’t supposed to be. I can‘t tell him this for obvious reasons, and find it hard to stop myself from checking his phone and acting slightly paranoid. How can I stop feeling like this and trust my partner? Is it normal to feel like this? Every time I am apart from him I can‘t help but get these feelings. Any advice would be great!

Chas answers:

Even tho it happened in the past ….IT HAPPENED… can try to forget it but it it wont ever happen…once there is no trust in a relation ship you will always have that doubt about your partner….it will take time to build trust again…it is normal to have these feelings….and its ok to check up on your man even if he has given you no reason for mistrust he wouldn’t be hiding anything and wont mind you checking his cell ec…he brought this on himself so if you love each other as much as u say…work on the relationship…..and the key is COMMUNICATION. Talk about what exactly why he felt the need to be dishonest with you…..IF YOU STILL ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH HIS PAST YOU SHOULD SEPARATE..FOR A WHILE OR FOREVER CAUSE STRESS CAN KILL YOU…..and worrying bout it constantly is not healthy…..

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