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You Asked About: How Do I Know If I Am Fertile

Mark asks…

How do I know the days when I am fertile/ovulation?

I am trying to get pregnant and want to know the days when I am fertile. I have heard we are fertile/ovulating some 3-4 days in a month. I dont wanna try with an ovulation test cause that only tells you some 24 hrs before the exact ovulation date. I need to know since the FIRST day I become fertile. What can I do to find out the soonest possible? If there a visible change in the mocus or not?

Chas answers:

If your period is regular, you can try an online ovulation calculator (for example ) to pinpoint your fertile period.

If your period is irregular, you’ll want to watch out for your ovulation symptoms. The most common ovulation symptoms include mild abdominal cramps and changes in cervical mucus. You can also measure your basal body temperature (basal body temperature will raise when you ovulate) or use an ovulation predictor kit, which is based on your hormone level.

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