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You Asked About: How Do I Know When My Wife Is Having Affair

Sandra asks…

How to start new when the most trusted person has betrayed you?

I married my Husband after 9 years love affair. He was my first love. Any way we had so much of problems after the marriage. I met a man whom I feel in love from the first date. I knew he was married and he knew me too. We loved each other very much. Any way he promised to marry me. But life change a lot. My husband has filled a divorce case againist me. He is living with another women. My lover is still with her wife and the kid. I didn’t want to take him from her. But I loved him and did what ever he asked me. His wife got to know this and did lot of things to me. In fact I lost my job too. My lover said he only loves me but because of his daughter he cannot leave his wife and I also agree. But today I got to know he has two daughters by his wife. Our affair was 4 years. He got the baby last month. But he didn’t tell me. WHen I asked he said it is non of my business. So tell me I gave all what he wants. I gave up everything for his love. Today he betrayed my true love.

Chas answers:

Very simple here….don’t go after married men! If a guy is married, it means he is not available to you! You need to take the time to figure out what you want out of life and a relationship and realize the importance of honesty and integrity. You cheated and he cheated, so you were both playing games. Go to counseling and find out why.

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