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You Asked About: How Do You Know When Your Husband Is Having An Affair

George asks…

How wrong is it to have an affair with your fostermom?

Im 17. Since my parents died when I was 9 Ive lived in alot of different places till I got in the fosterhome I am in now. The household consists of different people from all ages from kids to elderly, so its not like a traditional family. When I met my fostermom there was an inmediate incorrect atraction between us. She is very atractive and I could tell in her eyes that she also liked me in a sexual way, she often blushed and looked away. Especially on akward moments when I was coming out of the shower half naked or something she would have a repressing facial expression or something. she divorced her husband. Apparently they didnt have a very fulfilling sex life and when she divorced she didnt have any sex for a while. Her sexual frustration and my puberal hormones eventually clashed and we had sex and slowly we have been indulging more and more into this secret affair over the past months. She did not force me in any way. I was the assertive one, it took many months before she really let herself go during sex. We are both as happy as a person can be. Ive had several girlfriends in the past. Ive also been with the most popular girl in school, who everybody envied me for, but Ive never been as happy as with my fostermom(read:nurse -mom sounds weird). I think having relation with someone everyone will say is wrong is more unconditional love than pragmatic relationships that involve money, status, popularity and where everybody will envy you for Risking everything: friends, your job, possible jailtime, that is true love I think….

She keeps complaining though that she thinks its wrong and what people will think of it. I do not think there’s that much wrong with it. Were not blood related, Even though technically Im underage, and she’s twice as old as me, age is only a number. My parents death’s made me very independent and mature early. I am more mature then alot of people who are into their 20’s. Also physically Im way taller then her. My hands and arms are almost twice as big as hers, and I tower over her. Even though she’s older, I am the assertive one. Its not like a mother-son relationship really, she’s more like a nurse. So personally, I cant think of anything really wrong with it…….. Its not like theres anyone who is hurt in any way. On the contrary….

I want to know people’s reaction in case we get caught, hence Im posting this. What WILL people think of it ??? Is it crazy, sick ?? Will people hate us for it if they find out ?

ps: English is not my first language,
no trolls please
Im not planning to EVER go public with this btw. The only way people will find out is if we get caught. Im just gonna see how long it lasts. Probably wont longer than a few years. But I’ll try to keep it a secret till then

Chas answers:

Well guys knowing them will laugh at you unless you move. Well girls 2. Whole school will tbh les you move. And the ex husband would probably kill you. Cause if he loved her he’d think ur the reason why they divorced and there marriage got fked. Cuz it was prob smooth before u came.. But yeahh prepare to be fked lol

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