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You Asked About: How Do You Sleep

Betty asks…

How do you make curious baby sleep around noises (public places, guests)?

My baby is 9 months old and takes 2 naps every day about 1 hr each. But when we go out she refuses to fall asleep and gets overstimulated and overtired very easily. When we are outside she can’t seem to relax and wants to see and hear everything. When she gets tired she becomes cranky and it becomes even harder to make her sleep even though she is sooo ready to sleep (yawning, rubbing her eyes etc.) I see other babies sleeping so tightly in their strollers but my baby is the opposite. I tried everything, putting her “sound sheep” on the stroller, reading her a book, telling her good night (all these things we do as a part of our bedtime routine) but she still cannot relax. This is a major problem for my husband and I because we cannot plan anything over the weekends and we always have to be close to home to come back for her nap and then leave the house again. We need to get our lives back but also want to have a well rested happy baby.

Is this just a stage that babies go through or do you think it’s a personality trait? How can I help her relax?

btw. at night we also have to turn off all the lights and keep super quiet otherwise she wakes up. During the day I cannot make any noises during her nap time, not even talk on the phone. How so babies fall asleep with a TV on, or with a lights on? What do you think I should do to achieve that?

Chas answers:

You know what I do. When they go to sleep at night I dint quiet down for my children. It seems to me that that has worked pretty well. Both of my children sleep through anything now. My oldest son is ADHD and my youngest is ADD. So both of them are very curious children and have a hard time feeling like they are being left out if they arn’t awake when things are going on.

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