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You Asked About: How To Approach A Cheating Husband

Lisa asks…

How do u approach your husband about him cheating on you?

I am not a confrontational type of person people. It make me sick so, I rather brush things off & ignore the situation. I found out my husband has a pic on the net w/his genitals showing & I also found out hes been texting other women(sexually). So instead of confronting him(so he can lie) I just rather ignore it. Because when it all boils down he is the one doing wrong by our marriage. I really want to just leave for a few days & then come back to a changed husband & a changed me. Because divorce/separation is not an option!!

Honest Advice Please.How do I confront him?

Chas answers:

Since you want to hold on to your marriage, It is best to talk to him. Tell him that you know he’s doing these things so there’s no need to deny it. Don’t’ answer any questions that he tries to ask to turn the situation around on you. If you keep this in you will resent him. He will also continue to walk all over you because you don’t speak up. People will only do what you allow them to do! Remember that! Have some respect for yourself by standing up for your marriage don’t allow him to disrespect it anymore! Once the dust settles, suggest counseling. You have got to take some action because he’s not going to stop, he will just be less careless once you confront him. You two have got to get the bottom of his despicable actions. Good Luck.

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