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You Asked About: How To Catch A Cheat Online

Donald asks…

need help with catching someone cheating online?

l have a partner who has a thing for porn ..and god knows what else ..he will always delete the files and cookies.
Is there a FREE program l can download where l can watch all activities on this pc without him knowing..and how to find files when he hides them thanks

Chas answers:

Well, this doesn’t answer your question but I had to say SOMETHING to this.

Since you didn’t state anything in your question about him actually CHEATING on you (“I think he’s been sending emails to his ex” “I caught him once on a singles site” etc) it seems far more likely that there isn’t really a cheating issue at all.

It seems to me that he’s been clearing his history as a result of the guilt you’ve probably been heaping upon him because he chooses to *gasp* look at pornographic images.

If you don’t actually have any reason to think that your guy is CHEATING on you and using the internet as a vehicle for that indiscretion, then all you are trying to do is police his web browsing and restrict what he can and can’t see on the ‘net.

If that’s the case, I’ve got news for ya: He’s your boyfriend, not your child. You have no place and no right to tell him what is and isn’t okay for him to look at or to snoop around to figure out what that content is. If you’re looking for an excuse to break up with him and just want to play the “I am so disgusted with you” card… Just break it off. If you can’t deal with a guy who likes porn then find yourself someone who’s already established himself as a respected volunteer in a particularly fundamentalist church. Perhaps a nice Amish guy.

A better suggestion: wake up and smell the coffee. The vast majority of guys like some form of porn. Admit that to yourself about the “unfairer sex” and lighten up.

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