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You Asked About: How To Catch A Cheater Infidelity

Susan asks…

I caught my husband on a singles-dating website, does this mean he’s a cheater?

A female co-worker of mine approached me to show me a singles-dating profile, telling me he looked just like my husband.. It was him…claiming he was single with 1 child and was looking for a mature attractive woman… He’s not single and has 4 kids. I was so embarassed because this was a co-worker (with a big mouth i might add) , and I felt so betrayed…. With the embarassment and the (more than likely) infidelity, should I leave him? I confronted him and he said he was not a member of the site, only an introductury type of member… but how many more websites is he on??? He never added me as his myspace or facebook profiles either..
he says that it’d be like keeping tabs on him, if he adds me to his facebook profile… I thought proud husbands/boyfriends, showed their family off…
i suspected him cheating prior to this… made me not want to be pysical with him, too stressful…

Chas answers:

Some women will fall for any line, if they’re desperate enough to keep a jerky guy who they can’t trust.

Are YOU that kind of woman, or are you a smart one who sees things as they are instead of as she wishes they were?

It looks like your guy is trying to cheat. He might not have yet, but WHAT ELSE IS HE DOING on a single’s dating website?


Ok … Give him a choice: He either starts telling you why he is so unhappy in his marriage, and the two of you work on that, or your marriage ends. It cannot stay as it is – no way.

I can tell you with 100% certainty and clarity that happy husbands don’t cheat. Men who have wives that make them feel wanted, needed, loved and admired, who take care of their men, and make them feel like the hero every day … Men in marriages like that don’t cheat. Men who have a girlfriend to come home to (who happens to also be their wife), don’t cheat – or, they cheat FAR less than men who are unhappy in their marriage. So … Figure out why he’s so unhappy so that you can fix it.

I’m not saying that this is your fault. HE made the choice to do this – 100%. I’m not condoning what he did AT ALL. However, I do understand why men stray sometimes. I don’t agree with it, but I understand why it happens.

So … Why is your guy so unhappy that he would lie to your face, and start looking around for something on the side?

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