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You Asked About: How To Catch A Cheating Wife Red Handed

Helen asks…

What advice should I give my friend about his cheating wife?? Please help!!?

One of my best guy friends has a problem. I want to help but I don’t know how, You see, hes wife of 6 years, had an affair a few months back (with a co-worker of the husband). They got into a few huge fights and decided to work things out. Great, I think thats awsome and i am trying to support them the best I can. In the past few months there has been incidedts. Like her talking with they guy she cheated with, etc. I don’t think they have met up but I can’t be sure of it. Yesterday she got caught red handed talking to him, she says they are just friends. I think thats crazy! being just friends is what started all this. What advice do I give my friend about his cheating wife? Will she ever stop “befriending” him? Anything you can say would help, I just don’t understand why he sticks it out so long? ? Only to have her do it again and again.

Chas answers:

I don’t think you should give him advice at all.
I know this guy is your friend and it sounds like you two are fairly close, but right now, your best bet would be just to listen to him and lend him a supporting shoulder to cry on.
If you tell him that you think he should leave her and that she is a no good cheater, it could put a damper on your relationship with him. He has already taken her back once, so there is a very likely possibility that he will turn his head on her actions again. You don’t want him to turn on you because you said bad things about his wife.
If he decides to leave her and file for divorce, then feel free to express how you think she is a lying, cheating hussy…but until then, just keep your mouth shut and be there for him when he needs you.

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