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You Asked About: How To Catch An Online Affair

Maria asks…

I caught my mate was caught in a online affair with a woman from Estonia – never met can he be trsted now?

he met her on a dating site and 4 – 14 months they communicated. he sent her money every month – 400.00 to help as she clamied poor. when I caught him on accident – it ende but for 7 months of our new relsationship he carried this charade on and on and said it was not love, only pity for her. she cried and cried and he felt bad!!! Well we tried ot stay together and 2 years later – I still question his honesty, loyalty and intergrity and I am trying. But he makes it hard – he had many online flings and these women came to havea quick roll in the hay and then off to their life. He now calls them friends and I feel that they are merely ‘pigs’ who came to do that with him and other men too… How can an online fling/sex encounter equate to “FRIEND?” He is not so open and to this day says that he didnt care for Estonia, who played sick, made comments her swollen thyroid was a tumor & caused him to worry! Funny, she left her kid with her ex & her poor but is in Ireland with a diff guy!

Chas answers:

First off… I personally don’t trust men. Period. Not 100%. There is always something.

Secondly. This dude is having sex with people he meets online you say? Ditch the dude.

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