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You Asked About: How To Catch Cheating Wife At Work

Sandy asks…

this girl shows up at my house and says me n her had sex to my wife while i was at work, this is not so?

today while i was at work this girl name nora comes tro my jouse and ask for me(curtis) tells my WIFE that i been havin sex with her she knows how my house looks on the inside and everything, how is this? i have not had sex wth this girl i fronted her in front nof my wife and she still persist with this lie and i enden up slapping her which i should not have done but i was so mad because really my wife was not believing me i have not cheated on my wife and i dont plan too it troubles me that my wife never believes me and the fact that someone can come and say things to her hurts she does not even try to hear my side the only way i know this girl is from when i would catch the bus to go to work and she tried to get all up in my business then but i told her then i had a wife

Chas answers:

Dear curtis…..ya dont hit women….no matter what. You might have actually made it look like you were guilty by reacting so violently………if someone came to my door…..(it has happened ot me before oddly enough….gotta love it yes?– small world)……..anyways, its a shock. And for a moment, you dont know what to believe. My husband….he started laughing at the woman and said very quietly…..prove it. Hmmmm, i sleep with him and i can think of 1001 ways to prove it…..she couldnt. I trust him. I didnt worry. He cant hit women…..I CAN. Lol, but i didnt. She wasnt worth the effort. Women are odd…..give your wife time to think about it….dont assume she doesnt believe you….but do assume that is one weird thing to have happen at the door when you least expect it. Takes time to sort it out mentally. Good luck mr. Curtis. And on a note to mrs curtis……think about it. Your heart can see the truth when the shock wears off…..then find out what exactly the bimbo woman was up to in the first place. Good luck you guys.

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