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You Asked About: How To Catch Your Cheating Partner

David asks…

If Your Partner Cheats on You; Does it really Make a Difference how You Find Out?

ok so the way i see it, right after infidelity, there’s 2 things that happen

A. The Person will (if the other agrees) be with the person they cheated with and dump the one they cheated on.

B. The person will be Sorry, he or she ever did that and want to do nothing with the other person but rather be with the person they cheated on.

now if some one is in scenario B, it begs the question. WHY WOUL THEY TELL????

lets be real for a minute here, if your Boyfriend cheated on you, would it really make a difference whether you found out through him, or on your own??? (thru other people doesnt count cuz i guess that is worse, cuz other ppl get involved in your relationship)

i watch Maury and Springer and all these people come to confess they cheated, but they want to stay with the person they cheated on. TAKE IT TO YOUR GRAVE THEN!!!!!

if you want to leave the person to be with this new one, or be single, maybe then it would make sence to tell, (or maybe not to spare the persons feelings) but if you’re sorry, what do you have to gain by being honest??? if anything you were dishonest to cheat, but now you wanna play honest and come clean?

if you get caught thats another case we’re not all Shaggy and can deny it. but if you dont then simply TAKE IT TO YOUR GRAVE, the blow and pain of being cheated on is NEVER soften by coming out clean,

or has there ever been a time when some one went, “oh you cheated, at least you were honest, and told me, so i guess ill give it a shot” NO!!! so why do it???

Chas answers:

You are over-analyzing. In my world, you cheat on me, it’s over. No second chances.

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