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You Asked About: How To Confront A Cheating Man

Michael asks…

Should I confront my man about cheating?

Well last year, before i found out i was pregnant, i found a message in my fiance’s cell phone where he called some girl ‘baby’…..i brushed it off as he tried to explain something to me and i bought it. well, earlier today, he was on myspace reading a message from his ex girl from high school (about 7 years ago) where she said she should bite him and he said dont threaten him with a good time…..well, he went to work and left his myspace up. i couldnt help but to look. i found a message (around the time my baby boy had heart surgery 4 weeks ago) where he was talking about sex with pregnant women with the same ex and then asking about going to her house (she was also pregnant)….she left him her number….and a message from another girl asking him if he found any money in his car because she thinking she dropped money in there… am i supposed to react? should i think he’s cheating? would that be enough proof?? and could i really bring up the messaged since i checked his msgs?

Chas answers:

I just went thru somewhat the same thing. On Sunday my man let me use his blackberry when i went out to get some food. Well they were taking long and i figured that I would look thru his phone. I ended up finding a message from one of his “best friends” that really got to me. I confronted him about it and of course he made something up. I put my question on here and all the women said yes that he was cheating. All the men that answered said that i was wrong and that i’m just being insecure. So i guess my advice to you is to really assess the situation. Take everything into consideration. How long you guys have been together, his attitude towards you, the way you guys get along. I admit i couldnt stop asking myself if i was just tripping but I did ask him. So if you really are worried about it then just ask him what’s going on.

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