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You Asked About: How To Confront A Man About Cheating

Paul asks…

my very close friend is sleeping with a married man. i need some advice?

my friend met a guy at a party that i had. let me give an intro ,she was in a very dead end relationship with a man cheated on her numerous times but she kept taking him back. she was with hi 3 years i know her well and i think she was smitten by him mainly because he was an extremely buff guy with a good build and she is mostly about the about the looks.which is ok but my problem with that is she rather have the looks and fore go a decent guy that will care about her. anyway when the relationship broke off she constantly went on to me about the way men will always cheat and a girls just got to live with it but her ex’s cheating had got out of hand as he had these girls calling him round the clock and he even had pics of them on his phone .
anyway she met this new guy 21/2 yrs later at a party that I had. he was just her type quite good looking very well presented party guy u know … a fun guy, i encouraged her to see where it would go with him not knowing he was married.( he didn’t wear a ring but he did tell her later on that night that he had a live in girlfriend)
later that night my partner told me that he knew the man in question well and that he was indeed married and not living with a girlfriend like he had said , he even had a child and that i needed to tell my friend to leave him be. we spoke and she seemed to understand that nothing could come out of it. couple of months after that people started to talk about seeing the two of them out and that they were an item . i was taken aback that she had gone ahead with seeing this man i called her up and reminded her of just how crashed she was with her ex’s behavior and that she was doing the same to this mans wife. she said she would end it, said she had been lonely and that this man was such a comfort , he had been repeatedly telling her that the relationship with his wife was non existent and he loves her . she is a smart girl and she said she had a feeling he was not being honest.the long and short of it is that she promised to nip it in the bud.
this morn my partner tells me that he was told by this mans cousin that she has still been carrying on with him and they see each other on a regular basis that the cousin had actually dropped him off at my friends house a few times in the evenings.
what should i do ? do i cut her off because im appalled that she is ruining someone else marriage and frankly i don’t trust anything she tells me now? do i confront her with the fact that i know about this ‘thing’ ? do i let her sister in on this because she might be able to talk some sense in to her u see she is 32 and carrying on with this guy is distracting her from finding someone that she may be able to settle down with?
im sorry my story is so long just wanted to give y’all some background to the story……. thanks in advance for your advice…

Chas answers:

You should do nothing. This has nothing to do with you. If you want to be self righteous and cut off ties with her, then feel free. You need to stay out of her business.

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