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You Asked About: How To Detect Key Loggers

Linda asks…

How to Detect Key logger or a Spy on personal PC?

I work for a Company as a Sub Contractor Have my OWN Laptop I bought long before working @ the firm I work for. I seen a large turn over and found out they were being tracked on there computer. She has no legal right to monitor my Personal system. But my questions is…IS it possible to monitor Key strokes from another pc @ another location. And how ??? ANd How can I detect it and prove it

Chas answers:

Consider downloading a Free analysis of your computer at the following link. Http://

There are numerous good vendors of firewall, anti-virus, and spyware software that offer a free scan of your computer.

What I like about Belarc’ s free download it list your computer type, hardware and software. So I believe this will help you identify the name of any program that is spying on you. And any security questions you may have.

Spector is one of the largest software vendors that help companies spy on the computers of their employees
Their link is
There are others, but they are not a large.

There are a few removable key loggers that use a USB port to collect data, but I believe you would have noticed this on a laptop. It looks like a flash card.

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