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You Asked About: How To Get A Cheap Divorce In Nj

Michael asks…

(New Jersey) Tough Divorce question. Please help?

hi, my best friend Jaila is married to this total jerk. She and her husband have been seperated and not living together for over a year. They have a 2 year old son together but he hasn’t seen him since early january. He hardly ever comes to see his son, period! The husband also has a daughter from his previous wife. So here’s the problem, he only gives Jaila about $50 a week for his son which i personally think is ridiculous!!!! She wants to get him out of her life, divorce him, and make him pay child support. He refuses to sign the papers only because he doesnt want to pay child support and take care of his son. He has a really good job now so there is no need to be so cheap. Is she stuck in this marriage? How can she go about getting a divorce? Were from NJ so i dont know if the laws are different here, but any info will really help. Thanks a lot!!!

Chas answers:

He doesn’t have to sign anything haha. If she wants a divorce, she just needs to go to the court house and file a complaint for divorce, custody, and child support. Tell her to go to social services too and file for child support, they will get the ball rolling faster. But you’ll need to do some research and look up NJ grounds for divorce, sometimes you have to be separated for x amount of years unless there is grounds for an absolute divorce like adultery, etc. Anyways, go to the court house, fill out the paper work, tell her to document everything her husband does/doesn’t do. That way if they have to get attorneys and if anything is contested she’ll have proof.

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