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You Asked About: How To Know If Your Husband Is Having An Affair

Ruth asks…

your views – partner having kids before?

How would you feel/react if you found out your husband/boyfriend/fiance had a child with someone else and you didnt know until after you got together and maybe already had children together? would you support him and be a step mother to the child or would it cause problems in the relationship and you would end it? it made me think of how hard it must be for women finding this out especially for the men if they didnt even know they had kids, as it happened to someone i know and she had a hard time accepting it. i think i would be really upset but as long as it happened before we were together and not the result of an affair id be supportive. what are your views?
carlton this is purely from a womans point of view, im not saying its not hard on the men i mentioned that part, but im asking women how they would take it, grow up.
totally agree with you 100% laula you took the words right out of my mouth

Chas answers:

I actually found myself in this situation a few months back. My partner told me that his ex had an abortion before they split up and then one day I caught him looking at her bebo account and there was a picture of a little girl who looked about the same age as the ‘aborted’ baby would have been. I went absolutely skitso…I was devasted and cried about it for well over a week. He lied to me and then admitted that she had told him she was going to get an abortion but he didn’t know if she had.

In that moment it felt like everything we had together was fraud. I was supposed to be the one he had his children with, Aimee was supposed to be his first born and I was so angry. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it and the way that I found out was like he betrayed me.

Then I knew that I had to know for sure so I contacted her and she emailed me back saying that it wasn’t his baby and it was her new husbands and she even sent me a copy of the little girls birth certificate. Hope that I answered your question lolol..bit of a long winded answers :D Hope you and little Aimee are ok babe xxxx

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