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You Asked About: How To Know When Is The Right Time To Get Married

Charles asks…

How do you know when you’re ready to get married and when it’s the right time?

Something I’ve been wondering about would have to be when is it the right time to get married? How long should you know someone? How old should you be? How do you know if both of you are ready? What if one person is ready but the other isn’t?

Chas answers:

Once you’ve reached the 6-month barrier in any relationship, it’s okay to entertain the idea of marriage, unless you’re in your early 20’s or younger (if so, please take more time than 6 months).

Most couples, after 6 months of dating, will have an idea that this is someone whom they might want to spend the rest of their life with.

After 6 months, the primary way a relationship ends is more about the mistakes that were made than it is about something being wrong with you or wrong with him.

Since you have dated him 6 months now, he knows a lot of your insecurities and he knows most of your flaws, and they haven’t scared him off.

You’ve had fights that have been resolved, so you know it’s possible to disagree and still love each other…
So after 6 months, you’re going to be looking at him in terms of ‘Can I live with these characteristics he has for the rest of my life?’

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