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You Asked About: How To Know When Your Wife Is Having An Affair

Mary asks…

how to get back at your cheating wife?

recently i had asked for advice on how to cope up with the situation. with the new developments i came to know she had sex not just once but on two occasion with the same man who is her best friends brother. so far i haven’t disclosed this info to any one . the helplessness has given way to anger and i want to get back to her. doing it once is a mistake twice is surely an affair. i was coping with the situation and was considering moving on but when i came to know it was twice. divorce is imminent but before i do that i want to get back not only at her but at that sob.the question is how????? i want revenge.
all those with the olive leaf get lost . its time to get back ,if you have any good suggestions tell me or i have to go through the biological wastes searching for an infected needle.

Chas answers:

Your revenge will be in your divorce and again when she realizes what she blew…and believe me she WILL realize it sooner than later…. =0)
Try to move on my friend….she isn’t worth you degrading yourself….she’ll get hers in the end…they always do…. =0)

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