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You Asked About: How To Set A Honey Pot

David asks…

When playing online games how does a system get hacked?

How does a system get hacked on a UDP connection? How to best thwart this? How to watch whats going on? How to at least stop it from happening without having to stop playing.? Anyone ever set up a honey pot for this?

Chas answers:

Well if its on pc they can send u a message / file and once they send it the have cmd open type ip config itno it sned the file hit enter then they have ur IP then theres many diffent methods like my fav is a program called PRO RAT look it up but becarful DO NOT !!! TRY TO DOWNLOAD ANNY OF THE FOLLOWING PROGRAMS they will f up ur computer so they put ur ip in pro rat it makes a sever that u atoumaticly get connected 2 with basicily gives the 100% conttroll over ur copmuter on xbox360 they get into a game or party with u find ur IP with cain & able or simular ip scaners then use tools like pro rat opracrak net tools terikajen and others

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