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You Asked About: How To Spot Signs Of An Affair

Paul asks…

Could you please rate my song and out of 10?

Now, Come on, we are feel this way sometimes like we are hard and invincible and this is how you should feel. Some lyrics are very daring, especially verse 2. Somewhat long, but if you were to listen to it, it might tip or be below four lines. Note, I will post another song as well.
Verse 1
Do I means
When I want something I’m too mean
I abuse determination
I’m the worse in me
I got stop getting associated with determination
So I can get my master’s degree
Take no for an answer
That unheard of speak
I’m not a free agent
Don’t take me for granted
You’ll wish you were thanking
I take myself serious
Get a you education
I go to the core, and y’all can’t correspond
Self-conceited, my pride is unsafe
My swag is the dangerous
I know I’m out of my head, crazy
I’m driven, no passenger feeling
Motivated, ambition understated
Verse 2
You got no choice
What’s your shin type
Need some proactive
Like Judith Light
With some Benzol peroxide
One of the main ingredients
I be Like Jessica Simpson
This is a public affair, not your evening
Come on over, you’re definitely finished
I’m implausible, Let him fly, he’s unstoppable
Through haters he stands
I’m a Daredevil, ain’t no fear
Never come lame
You’re so not cold
I made my shit, never cleaned those spots
I mean success, never spoil a plot
I never give up, it’s like I’m the Green party
Y’all just still trippin around, Steve Harvey
He ain’t done with you yet
I’ll leave you broken, uneven left
Verse 3
People must think I’m braggadocios
Because my confidence is dreadful
And my swag is atrocious
They seriously hate me
But your boy is unfocused
Get ready to meet the Spartan
Interview the winner
You trying to plant your harvest
But the time is the winter
Lyrically, I’m a beast
Even Hank scared of me
If you seen signs, I’m a psycho killer
I’m not bad, not no thriller
I’m so dangerous, have no angel ness
So do I means, yes I’m serious
Say some nice words, cause mine are furious
Never take a laughing stock
When the games begin, I’ll be fasting hard
Means for me
Do I means what I means for me
Means for me, I means what I mean for me
Means for me, I means what I mean for me
Means for me, I means what I mean for me
Means for me, I means what I mean for me
Means for me, I means what I mean for me

Chas answers:

It’s really really long. Unless it’s a rap you should probably shorten it. 7/10

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