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You Asked About: How To Spy On A Cheating Husband

Mark asks…

Why does my husband’s cheating still bother me? (Revised)?

I had to post this again.
My husband cheated on me before we were married. We were together when he cheated on me, in a serious relationship.
I FOUND OUT while we were on a break because someone else told me.
Some people seem to think that cheating before marriage is acceptable (?) but I don’t and he knew that.
So I married him after this happened, but it’s still bothering me. We only talked about it once, when we got back together, and he never wanted to talk about it again, so maybe not talking about it has made it hard for me to get over it completely.
Also now, years later and a little over a year into our marriage, he’s been working late a lot, but he’s in the military so that’s expected, but I still can’t help the thoughts from coming. I don’t snoop or spy on him and I give him his freedom, I’ve only tried to bring it up to him about 3 times.
The advice I need is how to actually get over something, which I want to do, if he doesn’t ever want to talk about it?
p.s. Sorry I posted the same question twice, this is my first question on here, and so many people read it wrong the first time!

Chas answers:

Maybe you should seek counseling on your own then. This way you are talking to someone, will learn to get over the past, that might affect the future.

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