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You Asked About: How To Tell If She Is Having An Affair

Thomas asks…

I think my Dad is having an affair! Help! Tell me if I’m right!?

My dad always use to let me play with his cell phone, when I was bored. But lateley he hides it from me, and refuses to let me see it.
But I know where he hides it now.
I check every morning.
And lateley, there are these messages saying, “I love you”/”I put the pictures, for you”.
And my dad replies with messages like, “I can’t talk now, but I love you!”
And I know it isn’t my mother, cause she has no idea on how to use a phone.

Am I just jumping to conclusions, or am I right!

I don’t really wanna tell my mother. Cause I really don’t want my parenets to split. It would be so horriable. I don’t know what to do!

Chas answers:

Tell your dad you know

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