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You Asked About: How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Having An Affair

John asks…

I’m having an affair with a guy that i have true feelings for?

i’ve been having an affair with a guy that i’ve know for more than 5 years now & i really have strong feelings for him, but one thing; he has a girlfriend, not long term but if i was her i would be pissed if someone cheated on me, & i always consider her feelings cuz i look at it from other ppls point of view but i can’t say no to him & we have so much fun together(not only sexually but everything) he said he’s gonna break up with her eventually & i dont wanna be the reason of that but i want him for myself & he says he wants to be with me & he said all the gudd things i wanna hear, i know it’s too gudd to be true but idk but how can i even trust him now? what do i do about this situation? please don’t tell me to stop seeing him ='[
but i want the truth & your opinion, nothing mean please.
thank you everyone, i’m really gonna try to go by what everyone says. i know i don’t want this bullcrap with him so ima put an end to it.
sorry delilah, i meant to put thumbs up.

Chas answers:

He’s a player and will always be. He will do it to you if you don’t let him be. But I’m not telling you to stop screwing him though. Everybody wants a booty call and he has his. Sorry but that’s how I see it.

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