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You Asked About: How To Tell If Your Partner Is Having An Affair

Lizzie asks…

If your partner told you they had an affair with a married person b4 U, how’d you feel?

If your current bf/gf told you they previously had an affair with a married person before they met you how would you react? Imagine they confessed it to you after a couple years when you had enough time to really know and trust them.

Let’s say it was a full-on 2 yr relationship with a married person (who was miserable in the marriage) and the couple in the affair were madly in love but it ended cos the married person never had the guts to leave home even though they did plan and desperatly wanted to or your bf/gf got tired of waiting. Basically, just imagine your BF/GF made it out to be the a sincere thing and the extreme opposite of a fling.
Also imagine your BF/GF told you cos they wanted to be honest and wanted you to know everything there was to know abou them and also that they would never do it again and have learned from it.

Chas answers:

I would feel glad that the affair had ended because it gave me the opportunity to meet him and to have a relationship.

The past is the past, and that’s where it should stay. People are human, which means that they will make mistakes. That’s how we learn. Let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone.

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