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You Asked About: How To Trust A Cheating Partner Again

James asks…

How do I trust my partner again?

My partner cheated while I was away on holiday – he had a female colleague over at our house and slept naked in the same bed. I have been in shock and am thinking of ending the relationship. He lied at first and said he had lent the girl his bed and he slept in mine – until he finally told me the truth. He says it was a mistake and I still like him but cannot trust him anymore. He also wants to travel around with other female friends who are like guy friends to him, but after this incident, I definitely don’t want him to do this. I am finding it difficult to trust him againhow can I or should I even try?

Chas answers:

Sounds like what just happened to me. Im still with my b/f but now he lies and i think he still cheats. Once he broke that trust you wont trust him again no matter how hard you try. You will find yourself arguing alot and you will begin pulling away from him. I cant really tell you what to do and expect you to do it. I still cant trust him but keep your head up and dont let this man bring you down like i am right now!!!

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