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You Asked About: I Think It S Getting Hotter

Robert asks…

Guys: Do you think it’s hot when a girl has toned, muscular legs?

As in like, muscular volleyball legs. Theyre all muscle, but not fat or chubby. I have really strong, toned legs, and now my ex is saying they’re ugly because I don’t have stick-skinny thighs like the rest of the girls at my school. There proportioned with my calves pretty well. Most Guys like my legs, but I‘m getting self-concious. Do guys like them? :) I‘m not fat

Here’s a similar picture of what they look like:

Sorry if this might be in the wrong category, i just want most guy answers

Chas answers:

They look fine. To be honest, they look pretty sexy. At least you don’t have chicken legs, aha:) by the way, find a guy who likes you for who you are and not what you look like. :) goodluck!

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