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You Asked About: I Think My Husband Had An Affair

Lizzie asks…

My husband had an affair. He claims that he met her at a bar. I think he is lying. I think he met her on?

the internet. He said that he was not attracted to her and she is not someone he would have asked out. Would a guy really have an affair with someone he wasn’t physically attracted to? I think he met her on line and then was emotionally attracted to her when they finally did meet.

Chas answers:

Michelle, the biggest question is what are you going to do about this?! He’s admitted he had an affair w/someone. Are you going to stay w/him, OR are you going to make a break w/him?! Attracted to her or not, he still cheated on YOU. IS there love in your marriage, why did he cheat in the first place, are you going to try to “fix” this or are you going to let it, let him go! These are the most important questions. IF he did it once, do you feel he’s going to just do it again & again? You didn’t say how long you’ve been married, but if this is what you’re going to have to be “worried” about it from time to time, what good is this marriage period. You can do far better w/someone who truly cares about you, someone who loves you, someone who is going to be true to you. I went thru a cheating marriage. I litterly lost count of the affairs, he got so he didn’t even attempt to hide them from me anymore. I finally got the courage to tell him NO. NO I was NOT going to take any more of it. When I did, I felt like a ton of bricks rolled off my shoulders. I was finally FREE of it all. Free to go forward w/my life & NOT have to worry any more. THIS is what you have to decide. IF he is NOT worth it, going to have you wondering where he is, what he’s doing, who he’s doing it with the rest of your marriage, this is NOT a marriage. You have just not met the rite person yet. YES, there IS a special someone out there just for you. Someone who w/bring you happiness & w/love you, not cheat on you. Decide what’s best for YOU. Make up your mind & go forward w/whatever you decide. I would NEVER go thru what I did again. I am better than that, deserve better than that, so do YOU. Don’t fall for broken promises. Just let him go & you go forward w/your life & you WILL meet the rite one for you…Think about it hard & make a decision & go for it full blast. He’s going to “feed” you all kinds of lies, don’t believe him. Don’t accept the unacceptable, you’re better than that…best to you…:)

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