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You Asked About: Is He Having An Affair Signs

Sandy asks…

Have this horrible feeling my partner is having an affair.?


I have this horrible feeling my partner is having an affair; literally!! It has just started.

You see, we where chatting online with each other just now; his parents where down for the day so he was out. We dont live near each other by the way; we were from at University together and he owns a little bedsit type place.

I asked what he was up to now to which he replied ‘oh, just at home with Andy :P’ (A friend of his)

Suddenly, I had this strange feeling I have never had before…I am shaking and sweating as a result.

The first thing that popped into my head was – ”OMG he is having an affair…what if he and Andy are having sex…making out…omg”

I have never had a feeling like it before in my life. We have been together for 3 months now and love each other sooo much.
Andy is a friend of his. Used to be in love with one of his female friends but they split up because he was being a jerk and not being polite and the like.
My partner doesnt really like him because of what he did to his ex girlfriend but Andy keeps on trying to be friends.
For the past month I have not heard his name mentioned so I know that my partner and this Andy do not regularly meet up.

I cannot get down to see him right now due to the distance but will be visting him next week.

The main thing is though – what would cause me to have a feeling like that? I have never had it before; its brought me out all worried and shaky!! Anyway after messaging him to see what he was up to he signed off and is now back 20 minutes later with a ‘My internet played up’ response :S


Chas answers:

Just ask about their relationship. Just b honest with how you feel.

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