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You Asked About: Is She Having An Affair With Her Boss

George asks…

My partners sister is married and having an affair with her boss?

my partners sister is a legal secretary and works for a big legal firm in the city of London, this is her 4th job she has been in and had affairs at all her jobs . Her husband is a jack the lad builder and is quite rude and has an attitude, but i don’t feel sorry for him as just thinks of money. Is this the normal way of life of people that work in the legal profession or is it the only way to get one foot in the door ?

Chas answers:

Has nothing to do with the job, (unless she is trying to “catch” herself a professional man), she is just not happy in her marriage. She probably wants to land a guy in the law profession before she dumps her rude crude husband. She probably changed jobs when she found out the target in question was not going to leave his wife, or he was not interested in a permanent relationship with her. I would not call this normal in any profession. It does sound normal for her.

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