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You Asked About: Loss Of Emotional Connection

Thomas asks…

What do you do when you suddenly feel a loss of connection with your significant other?

*Shrug* I guess that sums it up. I was feeling so close to him for a while there, then we had some talks and I’m just not feeling the spark anymore. The talks were on how I got a little upetty about him saying he would come see me then just up and going home instead. It was upsetting because he had asked me to divulge some of my past which hasn’t been great, then got really really quiet for a while, then instead of coming he send a text and hour and half later saying he was just going home because it was late and he didn’t want to bother me. He says I get anxious over things and that stresses him out. I don’t want to stress him out. Sometimes I’m less worried and asking for openness and honesty. I’m a straight forward type of person. Just let me know what’s on your mind. Ever since that conversation I just haven’t been feeling the emotional connection from him and it’s significantly less toward him. He also wasn’t happy that I put Henna on my body because it says it reminds him of people who wanted to kill him while he was in the military. I didn’t think about it. I just did it because it’s something I like to do. I don’t know…

Chas answers:

It sounds like you’re simply growing apart. Make sure you at least discuss it with him. He has a right to know what you’re thinking about you as a couple.

You have two basic choices. Work to stay together or move on. I’d recommend working to stay together first.

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