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You Asked About: Lover Of The Light Lyrics

Charles asks…

any lds music lover… would somebody give me lyrics of “stand in the light” lyrics?

I just love the song… It is actually performed by Michael Webb.. pls..

Chas answers:

I have looked online and found the lyrics to a few different songs, both by someone named Michael, but not Michael Webb. Maybe they are similar?


Somehow I don’t think they are what you are looking for, but I have never heard of Michael Webb, so I’m not sure that I would recognize this song. The album “Especially For Youth 2004” has that song on it, and it should have the lyrics enclosed. Maybe you could get them that way. Or you could write them down as the song plays. It’s tedious, but it might be the only way. Good luck!


You can also try (if you want to purchase the CD):

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