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You Asked About: My Girlfriend Is Having An Affair

Donald asks…

is my girlfriend having an affair with her lady friend?

my girlfriend has a girl who is her her the car for free to stay with.that girl told my girlfriend that she has good boops,she even touch them.she also told my girlfriend she has good butts.she has been telling my girlfriend this continuously and even touching them.they text alot and when i ask my girlfriend she is so my girl cheating?is it bad if i feel hurt by whats going on?

Chas answers:

Well, personally to me, it does sound like something might be going on. It could just be that they’re good friends and do it in a non-sexual matter, but I don’t know. You should tell her how you feel and no it’s not bad if you feel hurt. If something is bothering one of you, you need to really talk about it :) It might be nothing, but it might also be that she could be cheating on you with her. If you trust what she says to you, then fine. But, if you don’t think she’s being honest with you, I don’t see why you should stay with her. You shouldn’t be in a relationship with someone you don’t trust, it’s not healthy and will just cause problems. Btw, it’s not true when someone says that if you are in a relationship with someone you like and that girl is flirting/kissing another girl that it’s not cheating because it still is, no matter the sex. Not everyone thinks flirting is cheating but I personally do.I don’t see why you’d flirt with someone if you love the person you have :P Some guys are into their girls being with another girl but it all depends on the person/relationship. But yeah, she could just be defensive also because of the fact that she’s not in any way attracted to her friend and doesn’t see why you’d think that, just let her know how you feel and how you feel about her and why you think there’s something going on :)

Good luck :)

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