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You Asked About: My Wife Has Had An Affair

Mandy asks…

MY wife had an affair. She has never been with someone else, so she was curious. Have 2 boys should I divorce?

She paid for the hotel and food, had sex in my car, in other public places, anal sex and caught STD’s. We have been married for 15 yrs and she never was this wild with me. She was talking with my boys on the phone while they were sick telling them mommy can’t come home right now, because I am working and lots to do and she was with her sex buddy while talking to them. I understand being curious, but why all the wild sex. She is 38. If I leave, all the investments for the kids will disappear, becuase I will not be able to afford them anymore. Its hard. I forgive her, but should I really give her a second chance?

Chas answers:

Only you can answer that, I’m afraid. A lot of it depends on her current attitude…if she’s remorseful, and wants the marriage to work, she should get some counseling…possibly both of you. She married pretty young, so sometimes people repress desires/curiosities/dreams of things they never got to do, and just lose it all one day….even if it takes 15 yrs.
Her behaivor is not acceptable, if she wants to stay married, and be a good mother, but I always believe there is hope….if that’s what she wants, too.

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