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You Asked About: Play Free Csi Games Online

Steven asks…

Where to get CSI games?

I want to play a CSI game for the Xbox 360. i can’t go to a store cuz of weather and i do not have credit card or debit card or ne thing like that…..i have done all the demos so i was wondering does ne one know where i can download Xbox 360 games online for free and then i can burn them to use……
if so wat would i use. CD or DVD to burn it to……
thank you
When i play the games i am not connected to internet…….i have to share a cord with my wifi router and my xbox so i only use internet to download demos…i played the CSI demos and liked them so i want the real games….and i have cash but where i live is covered in snow n i can’t get out……

Chas answers:

You’d need to have a modded Xbox to do that, I won’t go into details but in short its a bad idea. You would also need to go outside to do this. So while you are out doing that you might as well buy the games anyway?

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