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You Asked About: Poker Online Cheating

Carol asks…

What do religious people say about cheating at online poker?

Harmless? Crime against God? Is there anywhere in the bible God said “thou shalt play by the rules?” It’s not honest, but neither was Abraham when he lied to save his neck, and some of us really need money.

Chas answers:

Most don’t say anything. And many have never heard of it.

But fraud is fraud. (After all, fraud is basically “playing outside the rules.”) Fraud is lying in order to steal.

The fact that Abraham and every other human who ever lived was also guilty of lying and other sin is irrelevant. Why does the morality of ANYONE’s act today depend upon what some ancient personality did so long ago?

And if you are citing Abraham because you have an interest in what the Bible says, the Bible also tells you that anyone needing money should work — so that one can also be generous by assisting in the needs of others. So which sounds like a better idea: working to gather one’s own money OR using fraud to take money from others.

As to gambling itself, as the old saying goes: “The one who wins at gambling has stolen the earnings of others. The one who loses at gambling has willingly thrown away his money and is nothing but a fool.”

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