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You Asked About: School Flirting Game

Sandy asks…

How do you “spit game” in high school (Please help, I’m desperate)?

I’ve been told I’m pretty cute and that I’m pretty athletic, and a lot of guys think that I’ve had girlfriends before (I’ve had one but it was in middle school) or had a lot of hook-ups with girls. This is all false, because in reality, I have no idea how to “spit game” or flirt with a girl. Last year I tried my own interpretation of flirting but it my friend told me it wasn’t flirting. Plus, every time I try my way of “flirting,” i.e. saying nice things about them, paying attention to the conversation, confidence, a little contact, and helping them with their problems, it always ends up with me being seen as a good friend. So, how do I “spit game” or flirt with a girl?

Chas answers:

Ok. There are many things to go over here. First, don’t ever say spit game again. Now that thats out of the way, you are doing everything right. All of the things you listed above are perfect ways to KEEP a girl. But in order to keep you must get. So be a little more confident at first when you meet some one. Be bold. Just come out and say, “I would like to take you out some time”. If she says no, who cares. She wasn’t for you. If she says yes, then do all of the things you listed above and you will be good. Girls probably think of you as a friend because you don’t ask them out before you do all of the nice things. Let them know first that you want more, and then follow with the good stuff.

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