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Linda asks…

Is it Love or Addiction?

I’m 52 and have been married 3 times… to the same man. I met my husband in high school and, we married in college but, divorced 2 years later, realizing we were both too young. 7 years later we decided to give us another shot and, re-married. We had 2 sons but, after 10 years of marriage, we again divorce.

3 years following our second divorce, again reunited and, again re-married. Our third marriage was again short lived and, we divorced 4 years later. We have done counseling and, date before we remarry but, for some reason our marriages always end but, I love him. We are now again on the brink of reconciliation.

I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I’m just addicted to my (ex)husband. I’ve had other relationships and, refuse to just live with someone as their girlfriend for the remainder of my life. is it an addiction or love? Our sons say we love each other and, that’s why we always gravitate back to one another. I don’t know what to do..?

Chas answers:

You are comfortable with each other. Thats about it. You arent compatible, thats clear. You may love him and him the same to you. But you just aren’t compatible. Yo don’t have to live with someone as their gf for the rest of your life, but i owuld suggest you both just suck it up and move along. Its not good for your children to see you fight and divorce constantly. They are going to grow up thinking its okay to live IN that constant drama.


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