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You Asked About: Semenya

Thomas asks…

Do you think hermaphrodite athlete Semenya should keep her medal?

It turns out Caster Semenya who won the women’s 800m race in the athletics world championships has both male and female sexual organs. She probably didn’t even know she was a hermaphrodite as she’s from a remote village in South Africa and only now medical reports have indicated that she has no ovaries, but rather has internal male testes, which are producing large amounts of testosterone.

What do you think? Should she have to give back her medal? Should she compete as a man in future?

Chas answers:

If she is biologically a man, then I dont think she should be allowed to compete in future women’s events. That would not be fair to other female athletes. In regard to the medal she has already won, she should be allowed to keep it because it seems like she did not deliberately try to deceive anyone.

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