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You Asked About: Should You Confront A Cheater

Joseph asks…

my boyfriend is a cheater, what should i do?

well we’ve been together a year and 3 months i found out that he seriously tells girls he doesnt have a girlfriend and flirts with them. i’n not sure if he’s every actually done anything but its an extreme possibility. i could break up with him, i have tried confronting him about it before and he was all “i didnt even know she liked me i was just being nice” and yeah “i really wanted to spend more time with you and get to know you better.. maybe i should go visit and stay over a couple of days” yeahhhhhhh that doesnt sound like “just being nice”. but yeah he has a job that can eventually give him a lot of money, i know he’s crazy and would marry me. so should i marry him, wait for the ripw time, divorce, take stuff from him, tell him “THATS WHAT YOU GET BEEP HOLE!!!” or you know just break up with him

Chas answers:

That would just make you waaay worse than him… Break up with him now and be the bigger person. Make your money the right way

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