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You Asked About: Signs Partner Is Having An Affair

Robert asks…

What are the signs your partner is having an affair?

Chas answers:

–gets agitated when asked ”what are you doing hunny”
–has a number in your pocket that doesn’t make sense to you
–receipts that don’t add up
–starts doing something they hadn’t done before suddenly and insists on it ie–I’m going for a workout at the gym at X time and doesn’t waiver from it., meanwhile he can *go * at anytime
–gets irritated when he was planning on going out bc something came up, for instance–your kid needs to go to emerg but he’s bitching because it’s gym night.
–changes his style of dress, suddenly he really likes this shirt you’ve never seen him in before (oh, but I purchased it is what he’ll tell you’)
–doesn’t want you near him/her while on email or the phone

basically a total mood switch over, less laid back, on edge every time you open your mouth.

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