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You Asked About: Signs She’s Having An Affair

Sharon asks…

Is this a sign that my husband still wants an affair?

My husband had an on and off affair with the same woman for almost 3 years. I’ve read all the emails and he doesn’t know that I know.

Recently I also found out that he offered her a job as his assistant when she’s staying home with her child and not even looking for work. She said no.

According to the emails, they hadn’t spoken in 9 months after breaking up for the 7th time. He broke it off but had always been the one going after her from what I could tell.

Does this mean he’s not over her? He could have hired anybody else in this economy since he makes the decision and he even offered to make it part time after she said no. She still denied him.

Do men who cheat try to hire women they only want to have sex with? Or does wanting to see her every day mean he has feelings? Please be honest and speak from experience if possible.
He did NOT hire her, she said NO!
That’s not what I asked if I should confront him or not. Please answer what I asked.
I know he wanted her hired – I only added that to the details bc the second person answered AS IF he had. Look, my only question is: in your experience, when a man only wants a woman for sex, does he want to hire her to work with and FOR him?!

Chas answers:


You can stop asking this question a gazillion times a week. You have been saying “recently found out” for 6 years now.

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