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You Asked About: Signs Wife Is Having An Affair

Nancy asks…

my wife had an emotional affair!!!!!!?

my wife had an emotional affair on fb with an ex from highschool. we separated on and off for last 2 years.She got him a job where she worked.he chose to flirt with her at work.she stated to him their relationship was just proffessional now.he did not got so bad she she has a new job he has her old question is when she thought he was a good guy it was okay to flirt with him on fbwhen he betrays her to the point she has to leave her job.she can say nothing bad about this dirtbag. signed spurned husband
I am Nancys husband for some of you question really is,she had no problem showing affection previuosly on fb.Yet today we are back together and she will not disclose publicly what this guy is all about I need this to get over the the deep feelings of betrayal I would like to see some loyalty to my needs to move forward in our relationship.Am I asking to much?????

Chas answers:

I am sorry that she has done this! I believe an emotional affair is more dangerous than that of even a casual sexual affair, to a relationship. However she made this decision and the consequences are hers to bear. Are you positive that you know exactly what happened at her last job. It sounds like there is more behind wat she is telling you. If she flirted on facebook and got him a job with her, it is obvious she did this under more than a professional basis. Don’t allow her to be the victim, she wronged you and got what she deserved!

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