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You Asked About: Signs You Husband Is Having An Affair

Mandy asks…

My husband did unblock his ex mistress on Facebook but has NOT contacted her, can I relax now?;_ylt=ApJYUf_YmfskrM0x6uqXHa0gBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20090710152056AAmFhS5

I have been driving myself crazy since I recently discovered that my husband UNBLOCKED his ex mistress on Facebook.

The history was, he had an affair with her last year, and stopped when I went down his phone and found out – they both then confessed to me & he swore to break contact with her.

He did not, and tried to return to her in March, April and May, but she said no.

I believe she now lives with a new guy. She then tried to make peace with my husband, and he was not interested.

After the affair was discovered, he blocked her on his Facebook. he unblocked her when they were speaking again in the aforementioned March, April and May – but then when she told him she was living with someone, he blocked her, I don’t know why.

THEN 2 weeks ago he UNBLOCKED her again, and thats when I came here asking for advice. 100% of you said “because he wants her to contact him”.

Well, I cam pretty much guarantee that there has been NO contact between the two since he unblocked her 2 weeks ago.

Is this a good sign? Or am I jumping the gun?

I thought he may try and email her via Facebook, as he unblocked her, but he hasn’t.

I also do not believe she will contact him again.

There’s been a couple of months now of no contact with them, can I rest easy now?
To clarify: he has NOT ADDED HER AS A FRIEND. He had her on his “blocked” list (she was the only one on his block list) and he went into this setting, and must have deleted her name. Not the same thing as adding her as a friend.

Chas answers:

Do you think maby he has blocked her so that she cant contact him because hes found out shes with someone so that scores her off as a possible mistress and to make sure she cant send a message back to him that you might read = youd find out hed gotten in contact and broken the no contact agreement???

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