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You Asked About: Spotting An Affair

James asks…

What is the best way to deal with employees that are having an affair?

I really don’t think it’s my business, but there have been several problems that relate to it.

It turns out that Anthony, my butler, is having quite the relationship with Juan the gardener. Their favorite spot to meet, unfortunatly, is in the green house. I have had to replace 28 panes of glass and have had to have Juan re-pot most of my prize orchids. It would seem that they are quite vigorous in their attraction to each other.

Be that as it may, how do I express my dissatisfaction with the costs I have had to incur without interfering with what appears to be a wonderful relationship?

Chas answers:

It should relieve you of the stress of having your butler always trying to help you put on your boxer shorts at least, but, the real issue here is the expense it took to replace your prize orchids and damages to the green house. It may be that they are especially attracted to the green house because of the powerful sexual enhancers emitted by the pollens of the Passion Flowers and other exotic flora in your greenhouse.

I think you should nip it in the bud!

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