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You Asked About: Spotting Infidelity

Chris asks…

Is this a good plan for infidelity?

My wife has planned a few weeks away for us both with some relatives, and plan to come back just after valentines day. I have feigned a broken arm in order not to go. So, with me now apparently ‘crippled’, it seems unlikely that I would invite a few fillies over for a spot of rumpo over the weekend. Everything seems in place, but what pitfalls should I consider before I become complacent at this perfect opportunity to have my fun at the mansion?
Avatar S. Crumb.
Whilst I thank you most humbly for your time, is there any need for blasphemy?
As you may notice in all of my posts (as you obviously read most of them) I neither blaspheme or violate any other Yahoo member, as my grammar and etiquette remain at a higher standard, than that of vacuous dullards.

Chas answers:

You must always survey the situation as mayhap your wife would. Would the opportunity present itself for her triumphant return ahead of schedule? You may have to think of escape routes if possible, perhaps tell her the fillies are research assistants and you are an archaeologist in search of the next great discovery!

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