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You Asked About: Spyware To Catch Cheating Wife

Lisa asks…

Has anyone ever used keylog (spyware) to catch a cheating spouse?

I am afraid my wife might be cheating on me. she woul not use her cell phone(I have caught her)
Has anyone ever tried keylog software. I don’t want to install it on her computer if it won’t work.
Will it capture IM’s

Any help would be great.

Please don’t respond telling me you morals about spying. I am only asking if YOU have used it and if it worked, If so, how well
Afra…Did it work?

Chas answers:

Spyagent and Sniperspy are two trusted best-seller keylog apps on the market that can capture both sides of IM and work in totally stealth mode. Follow the link for more info:

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