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You Asked About: Stories Of Cheating Spouses

Mark asks…

Do you think military family housing is full of cheating spouses?

My fiance does not want to live in military family housing after we marry. He said he hears so many stories of cheating by both spouses and he doesn’t want me exposed to that lifestyle. It would be a lot cheaper and I would like to know what other people think.
We trust each other and our couples friends are all pretty decent but he says the atmosphere on base housing is nasty and he’s disgusted because there are so many children living in that mess.

Chas answers:

My first duty station with my husband was weird. Yes on my block there was 4 houses with people that cheat on their spouse, but dont pay no attention to it my kids arent in a mess and it is cheaper to stay on post and SAFER to do so. See me and my husband dont get to know our neighbors we know the people he works with thats it. Trust me on this! Military housing is the best way to go. Just tell your fiance that you dont care about other people’s life out there. There is alot of people that want to get into your business though specially military wives. I made that mistake of getting to know my street and lets just say they tried to get my son taken away from me just for going to the mail box in my yard! Yea so dont get to know your neighbors know people from his work bc most but NOT ALL have nothing else better to do then to try to ruin some other wife’s life bc they are living it better. Trust me you want to live on housing i saved 588 a month from living on post.

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