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You Asked About: Tell Tale Signs Of Affairs

Jenny asks…

What are the signs that someone is a transsexual?

My son is dating a woman he met online, and she appears extremely manly. She also contradicts herself constantly when talking about her past, and claims she has absolutely no living relatives. I, and others in the family have noticed that she does have an adam’s apple, large bone structure, and low cheek bones. I know he would not be ok with this if he knew. We did a background check because she has a very creepy vibe, and found out that she has a male alias as well. Are there any other telltale signs to look for? Based on what we have noticed do you think we are right in our line of thinking?


P.S. I am not trying to sound rude or butt into my sons affairs or life, but I know he would not be happy with the situation.
My son is very open with me and I am aware that they have already slept together. So there has obviously been some surgery done, if in fact she was a he before.

Chas answers:

Omg…that’s scary.

I would think obvious things…like adam’s apple; voice; bone structure; lack of curves; male genitalia.

They have some many ways to hide the obvious these days though….including a male genitalia tucking device

backround check was smart!

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