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You Asked About: Think My Husband Having Affair Should Do

Donna asks…

I think my husband is having another affair, what should I do?

He’s back in the routine of things, like before. And I feel that something’s not right. I have never cheated on him and I don’t understand why he keeps doing this to me. I have been good to him through the years. We’ve been married for almost 13 years. He’s very sneaking. Thinking I’, dumber than dirt, but I’m not.

Chas answers:

I would follow him and see where that leads. If you have the $ – hire a PI.

You need to see his cell phone bill, credit card statements. I would also sit him and down and ask him point blank if he is cheating on you again….

Why do you stay with this man? I mean is love enough for you to be treated with so little respect. He obviously doesn’t respect himself or your marriage. I honestly would go to marriage counselling and tell him that if he is having an affair you will leave him. You won’t be treated this way and want a man who loves you and doesn’t just love you when it is convenient to him. A man who doesn’t need other women to fulfill him – you would be enough! Good luck and my heart goes out to you!

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